Dan and Ike asked us to design a visual identity for their new brand called Sleevely..

Sleevely is the world’s first device and mobile app that lets you monitor, track and improve your baby’s feeding habits.

As a startup company, sleevely needed to raise funds through Kickstarter, in order to create its target audience and establish a strong brand identity.

The design process started with a Logo design and tagline copywriting.

We began with the tagline. The goal was to show the products specialty without being too literal.

We wanted to show the product is a new precise and important gadget that assists parents to evaluate their infant's nutrition. The tagline we came up with - "every drop counts". A short succinct line that refers to an issue that new parents are concerned about.

We based the logo on the shape of the product. The challenge was to incorporate the design of the product with a symbolic drop that visually communicates with the tagline. After several sketches we got this final result – the shape of the device engulfing the drop to create a soft nurturing and motherly feel to the edgy high tech product.

The visual concept was clean and soft that parents could relate to. The primary color scheme chosen was orange white and blue – the orange is fun happy and associated with food. The blue represents a high tech look and feel, and the white as a background is clean milky and pure.

We created an icon design of a happy baby named "Baby Tom"- in a clean simple line that is basic and recognisable. The icon can incorporate many elements as required but in keeping of the recognisable figure. The secondary color scheme we incorporated was in baby friendly pastel shades.

The picture format we chose was round – again too represent a soft wholesome feel.

The app design needed to be clean informative and interactive. Since it includes many statistics of the infants eating habits we wanted to make it as simple and user friendly so every parent will feel comfortable using it.

We used simple info graphics incorporating the brands chosen color scheme.