Fashion Designer, Romi Eff Maor came to us requesting a full identity rebrand of her business 'Agoraphobix' an alternative clothing street style fashion boutique that located in Haifa, Israel.

Romi's vision was to create edgy and rebel look that would complement and co exist with the general clothing line.

It was important to create a clean, neutral, high-end visual identity that will compliment every collection to come. As a result the logo color scheme is black and white with clean and clear lines.

The idea was to design a symbol that combines the letters A and X. After several tryouts we came up with this logo design. It represents the first and the last letters in Agoraphobix. The combination of those two creates a funky face that seems to wink at us. The logo was also used for branding the clothes in a cool alternative way – we created a giveaway dog tag from the logo that attached to the clothes tag.

The logotype is a hand made and stylized typography. It represents a grungy and expressive line almost as it was a graffiti tag on a street, representing the general brand identity spirit.

The next step was to create visual identity for the fall-winter 2013 collection. The collection is an acid 80's funky neon materials next to a black and white graphic lines, graffiti sprays and glitter. The catalog design took its inspiration from all of those elements.

5 rainbow gradient backgrounds were featured throughout this fall winter collection in almost every graphic detail – from the catalog, to the clothing tags and web design.