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Who we are
Studio Bars is a multidisciplinary creative agency, active since 2009. At Studio Bars we are offering a full creative direction, the Studio mixes fields of graphic design, illustration, decoration, concept development, strategy development, visual identity and events for both personal and commissioned works.
By applying creative design thinking to these different channels, we change people’s perceptions and create unique brands. We often collaborate with other specialists and create appropriate and effective solutions through simple, clear, well crafted graphic design.
design research ui ux
What we do
Visual identity design 
Brand design
Graphic design
Print design
Interactive design
Packaging design 
Concept development
Brand strategy and development 
Logotype and naming
Brand guidelines
Design research
Service design
Art direction
Event art direction & production
design research ui ux
Why we do it
Everything starts with a design research and helps us to create a canvas for the company or a brand that we are working with. This canvas helps our clients to understand more what is their business is about. Most of the time they learn something new - for us it is a great achievement and a great deal of satisfaction.
How we do it