The "gallery house" is located in Haifa, Israel, in the hip lower downtown section. Its situated in a beautiful ottoman building from the late 19th century.

The gallery's area of expertise is mainly hosting a large variety of coultural events, such as art exhibitions, theatre shows, lessons in fine arts and culinary conventions.

The "House gallery" is run by an amazing French artist, Shimon Cohen whom I met accidently at a Friday launch party almost a year ago.

After a week we set up a meeting in which Shimon told me about his dream and vision for the Gallery and asked me to help this dream to come true.

The gallery had a previous Logo which they wanted to update. The original logo design was inspired from a floor tile in the beautiful old building. We love the idea of merging the old with the new. We had to approached this process with care, to keep the original creative logo design while keeping it simple authentic and true to its source.

Part of the branding process was making a catalog design that keeps that rustic local vibe through photography and design. As this is a catalog that is given to visitors of the gallery, we wanted to keep its identity inspired by the architecture and spirit of the place, while delivering important information a visitor might need.

Shimon wanted to promote his 2 main events through this catalog, so we created 2 logo designs dedicated especially to these events.

To merge all these branding ideas into one whole representative official look we created special stationary items like envelopes, pencils, and business cards, all bearing the same main logo design and general lines of the brand. A weekly newsletter to notify about upcoming events was also designed while keeping the brands spirit.